Dear Reader,

Sacred Homemaking is about much more than keeping a clean house. Every thing and every place is imbued with spirit, and our human lives can be massively improved when we learn to listen to the things we use and the places we occupy instead of stumbling in the usual modern trance of neurotic media chatter and nefarious influences.

My name is Kimberly and I am a recovering atheist. I used to suffer the same brain fog that almost everyone seems to suffer these days: laboring under a mountain of shoulds. I should go to the grocery store. I should do the laundry. I should try to save money the next time I am paid. I should exercise so I can be in better shape. I should try to spend less time on social media, I should, I should, I should….

Constant shoulding leaves precious little room for considering what is important in life, and it leaves no room at all for opening a conversation with the gods. For me, it took the daily habits of a fringe religion called Druidry to shake me out of my stupor. After two solid years of discursive meditation, the Sphere of Protection, and daily Ogham readings, my thinking brain emerged. Suddenly, I found myself talking to my car, the houses in my neighborhood, and everything I own and I have not stopped since then. Sacred Homemaking represents my effort to explain why I’m saner now than I ever was as an atheist, despite the fact I talk to my toaster.

I hope that Sacred Homemaking brings you the same happiness, well-being, and contentment that I enjoy every day.